White Womans Waterhole Camping Area

Free Camping - Victoria


This large free campground is located in the Won Wran State Forest. The ground is quite solid and sandy so make sure you bring a mallet with you. There is only a small amount of sporadic grass due the bushfires that went through a few years ago. There is plenty of shade here to camp under. All sites are spacious and set apart from each other. 

Here you will find toilets, fire pits, picnic tables and dogs are allowed.

The local legend has it that the naming of White Woman’s Waterhole involved the sole European survivor of a shipwreck off the Ninety-Mile Beach who was taken in by a tribe of Aborigines that used this waterhole. She engraved a message on a nearby tree that was subsequently found by a passing stockman. A search party was formed and after a skirmish, the lady was rescued, whereupon she returned to England.
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