Lions Boulevard Park

Free Camping - Queensland


Lions Boulevard Park is a waterfront camping area on the south-eastern tip of Russell Island (along The Boulevard). The park is the only Council-run camping facility in the Redlands.  Lions Boulevard Park is a flat, turfed area with two campsites located toward its northern end. Each site can accommodate up to four people and is suitable for camping in tents only. 

The northern shore of the park is used as an informal boat ramp for access by kayak, canoe, jetski, tinny, sailboat or motorboat. You can also take the Russell Island ferry or barge for access on foot or by bicycle, motorbike, or vehicle (2WD and 4WD).

To camp at the site, book the camping area at least 10 days before arrival. No payment is required; however, booking fees and bonds are currently under review.

You can book the camping area for up to eight people (four per camp site).

The maximum booking period is three nights. Campers will be issued with a camping permit and you will need to carry the permit with you for inspection.

Book a park, reserve or beach by emailing or calling (07) 3829 8999.

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