Youngville Camping area

National Park - New South Wales


Explore Mount Royal at your leisure by camping at Youngville campground. Start off with a barbecue breakfast then hike a different walking track into this World Heritage area each day with a picnic lunch packed to enjoy at a scenic lookout on Pieries Peak or down at Carrow Brook.

To give your legs a break one day, tour the rainforest-lined Mount Royal Road by 4WD, keeping an eye out for remnants of the area’s pastoral history.

Staying overnight at Youngville campground gives you the chance to see some of the park’s many nocturnal birds and animals. So bring along your head torch and have a walk around your campsite after dinner to spot bandicoots, possums and gliders. Though the powerful, sooty, masked and barking owls – all proficient hunters – will probably see you before you see them. Look out at dusk and dawn for grazing pademelons and the threatened parma wallaby.

This is a remote site, so please be well prepared. 

Picnic tables, BBQ facilities and toilets available on-site. 

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