Ningaloo Station

Private Campground - Western Australia


Ningaloo Station is a pastoral lease and home to sheep and goats which co-habitat with kangaroos, snakes and goannas, all of which are protected.

The station has a host of fascinating historic sites, including the heritage listed Point Cloates Lighthouse, the long since abandoned Norwegian Bay Whaling Station, the sunken Fraser Island and numerous coastal shipwrecks.

We have 5 camping areas stretching from Jane Bay at the southern end to Winderabandi Point at the northern end and all have direct beach access. We have an extensive native tree planting program; composting and environmental enhancement activities which campers are encouraged to participate in.

The station adjoins a stretch of pristine ocean where you will encounter whales, dugongs, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, varied bird life and an incredible range of fish species, most of which are edible

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