Clifton Recreation Reserve - QLD RVFT

Private Campground - Queensland


This reserve is a popular caravan stop and also serves as the Clifton Showgrounds. The powered/unpowered sites are large, level and grassy.

Payment of fees can be made directly to the on-site caretaker or to the Council Administration located at 95 King Street, Clifton. 

Here you will find toilets and showers with disabled access, water, picnic tables and a dump point.The maximum stay is 7 days.

This is a large area and as there is no active caretaker you have to fend for yourself. There is a groundsman but he does not seem to see the camping as part of his job description. There is a box to pay at the entrance or you can pay at the Council offices in the town. Much of the power is 10 amp. It is cheap @ $10 pn so it attracts its share of a certain type. For example we had a guy next to us who seemed to visit the dump every day and come back with large amounts of junk which he then spent the day sifting through and most of it ended up in the bin. There was one couple with a caravan and a camper who had been there for 4 months and had 3 dogs, 2 of them confined. 1 dog was in a cage and the other was in the sheep/animal pens. These dogs did not get out of there and had no exercise. It seemed to me to be a breeding operation. The stay limit is quoted at 7 days in every 21. But that does not seem to be policed and some stay longer. Overall it is peaceful, but the 'fringe' element and dogs confined without exercise is not my taste and I would rather stay where I am not exposed to that.

A very well priced rec ground. Handy to many attractions you can attend Football polocrosse show races etc for free if they happen to be on during your stay.
Camping Fee $10.00
Per site, per night (2 adults) - from
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    14 Davenport Street
    Clifton, Queensland, 4361
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    -27.926449, 151.912529
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