Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary

Private Campground - Western Australia


Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary is permanently closed 23.11.2021LS

Waminda, meaning « peace and tranquility » in Aboriginal language, is an 11 acres farm that welcomes injured animals and gives them shelter, food and love.

If you find some abandonned animals or cannot take care of yours anymore just contact Ian and arrange a meeting and we can take care of them for you.

You can come to Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary just for a visit, have a look around and meet the animals, spend some time with them and get awesome pictures and videos! There is no set price, we just rely on your donations to keep the sanctuary going and be able to care for our animals. To book a visit, please contact Ian 0428 381 762.
Please note that pets are not allowed in the wildlife sanctuary for safety reasons.

If you wish to stay overnight or longer, Waminda offers a range of accomodation facilities that you can choose from. Some are very special and original and some more classic.  

If you are travelling around Australia and the West Coast, Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to stop! No stress to find a quiet spot for the night, just relax in the middle of a beautiful nature.
Suitable for : Caravans, Campervans, Buses, Cars
What's included : Nights on site (subject to availability) and FREE breakfast
Price : Your donation will help us to carry on with this beautiful project and care for our animals.

OR you can stay in their on-sie van or old fashioned bus.

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