Dirk Hartog Island National Park

National Park - Western Australia


Please note: you will need to take the barge to reach the Island.  The co-ordinates provided is for the barge landing place to depart the mainland.

Magnificent sites to visit along the island’s western coast include the historic precinct at Cape Inscription (including the lighthouse); the rugged scenery at Charlies Harbour, and Mystery Beach with its astounding sands packed with flotsam and jetsam of all shapes, sizes and origins (the bay forms a natural wreckage trap). On the eastern coast, history buffs may appreciate Dampiers Landing (Sammys Well) and the interesting stone ruins of an 1851 army garrison at Quoin Bluff South. Dirk Hartog Island is renowned as one of the best shore fishing locations in Australia.

Camping and accommodation

Accommodation and catering are available in the privately-operated Dirk Hartog Island Lodge. You may camp at The Block, Urchin Point, Sandy Point, Sammy’s Camp or Louisa Bay, all of which have only basic or no facilities.

Boat-based camping

You may visit by private boat and camp overnight, but only at designated sites including Notch Point.

Your safety

  • The park is remote and its hazardous coastline has large surf, 200 metre high cliffs, blowholes and dangerous marine animals
  • Notify a reliable person of your trip plans so you can be traced in an emergency
  • Be prepared for the heat. Take at least 10 litres of water for each person per day
  • Exercise extreme caution near cliff edges especially when fishing. Supervise children at all times.
  • Pets are not allowed at this park
  • Bushfires are potentially devastating to people and wildlife. No wood fires or firewood collection is allowed. Portable cookers are preferred.
  • Please take out what you bring in. Do not leave any rubbish, food scraps or any other items on the island and do not bury any rubbish. Stow rubbish securely to prevent it from being blown away. 
  • Bury toilet waste in a hole at least 50 centimetres deep at least 100 metres away from campsites and other public areas.

By prior arrangement, Dirk Hartog Island is accessible from March to October by a privately operated barge from Steep Point on which you can bring your four-wheel-drive. Most visitors camp overnight at Steep Point before leaving on the barge for the island. You need a high clearance four-wheel-drive to explore the island.

Bookings are payable and are required before arriving.

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