Moodini Bluff Rest Area

Rest Area Overnight - Western Australia


This free overnight rest area is large, unsealed and has toilets and a picnic table.  It is surrounded by trees on both sides and rigs will find it easy to turn around.

We drove through this morning but too early to stopover. It would be preferred overnighter due to lovely location and shady trees below the bluff.

Very big shaded area on northern side of highway Many choices for camp spots

Toilets have recently been cleaned. Pity about the rubbish everywhere. Plenty of spots to choose from.

A large truck was here when we arrived but did not impede our access to a lovely shady spot. Great breezes and a shade shelter over the picnic tables. No TV or phone service at the rear of the camp site, some at the very front near the entry. Some traffic noise but not a problem. Toilets are clean and no smell, a disabled cubicle and a standard one.
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