Tolarno Station

Private Campground - New South Wales


Welcome to Tolarno, Peppora and Wyoming Stations

Tolarno, Peppora and Wyoming Stations cover half a million acres in the western division of New South Wales. The three properties are owned by Robert and Katharine McBride and children Kate and James. We invite you to experience our world...

Tolarno Station is the idyllic location to escape into the Australian outback. With a rich history and plenty of open space to share, we invite you to drop in.

There is excellent fishing opportunities for anglers, plenty of space to relax in peace and quite, lots of Australian wildlife to observe,  and we offer complimentary tours through the century-old homestead.


Tolarno Station offers a wide range of reasonably priced accommodation. We invite visitors to stay at the shearers quarters, or alternatively camp or caravan on over 30 km of river frontage on the Darling.

Caravanning or camping: $15 per car per night

Accommodation in the shearers quarters: $30 per person per night

If you would like to enquire about accommodation at Tolarno, please contact Sherie on 0427 073 971. 

Please note, we do not allow shooting, chainsaws, motorbikes and quad-bikes, or dogs. 

The region around Tolarno is rich in natural beauty and historical importance. 45 km north of Tolarno Station are the Menindee Lakes. The town of Menindee sits on the banks of the lakes, and the town is the entry to Kinchega National Park. Further north, Broken Hill has a rich mining history and offers some beautiful scenery. To the south, Mungo National Park also offers amazing natural beauty and archaeological significance. Further south, Wentworth is where the Murray and Darling Rivers meet, and the town itself has some interesting tourist attractions.

Two forms of accommodation, Shearers quarters Lounge & full Kitchen, Hot showers, flush toilets or camp right alongside the Darling River, anywhere you like throw a line in catch a Cod or Yellow belly. Camp fires in season, plenty of wood avaialable. Bird watching. Counting the stars. Walk your legs off, its up to you. Plus you are helping the farmers out. If you ask you may even be able to shoot some Wild Pigs.
Camping Fee $15.00
Per site, per night (2 adults)