Didi Baba Campground - Limmen National Park

National Park - Northern Territory


Limmen National Park is a favourite among self-reliant anglers and four-wheel drivers.

There's a community of travellers who come here annually, especially to catch barramundi.

It's perfect for visitors looking for a remote experience in an amazing landscape.

This park has many land and water attractions and is located in the Gulf region of the Northern Territory (NT).

You should bring your walking boots to see the striking sandstone formations of the Southern Lost City and Western Lost City (1.5 mb). You will need a code to get in.

Bird watching enthusiasts can discover extensive birdlife along the rivers and lagoons, while swimmers can head to Butterfly Falls to cool off.  Butterfly Falls is seasonal and can stop flowing in the Dry Season so you may not be able to swim all year round.

You can camp at Munbililla (Tomato Island), Limmen Bight River, Towns River, Southern Lost City, Butterfly Falls, Didi Baba, Yurrlmundji or Mountain Creek.

Seasonal closures. The park may close due to flooding in the Wet Season.

There is no pre-booking. Camping fees apply and are payable on-site.

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