Cobar Memorial Club, NSW

Free Camping - New South Wales


Cobar Memorial Services Club welcomes free campers to Cobar (spare block of land in the Main Street between the club and St Vinnies shop). 2 toilets situated near the bowling green and a BBQ area the club is happy for free campers to use. All that is asked in return is that guests support the town of Cobar and come into the club for a nice cold drink while you are here. Skip bins located on the block for rubbish. Showers available in the nearby Youth Centre (open 7am - 9pm daily) for $5 per person.

Great spot right in the middle of town. Thanks to Cobar Memorial Club. Please spend your money in town or at the club. Great Asian food and cold beer. Nice and quiet at night time.

Here tonight, fine place for a stopover for a night or two. Quite busy today but it is a public holiday weekend. Perfect tarmac base to park on. Food in the club is basic but cheap. Big IGA close by (behind)
Site in use by side show stands so unavailable

Great spot on hard bitumen carpark behind RSL club, holds about 15 vans/motor homes if parked properly, backed up to fence line, stroll to IGA, toilets, playground, bakery, pubs & shops.

lovely quiet stop, right in town.very clean toilets. We would highly recommended this stop to all. We sadly did not get to try the cold beers and menu as the covid 19 virus had put the club into lock down. But I am sure it would have been as good as their hospitality. Thanks Cobar.

Great free camp on the old Lawn Bowls Green, clean toilets ok for overnight stay

Club appears now to be reopened and operating
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