Oolloo Crossing Rest Area

Free Camping - Northern Territory


Oolloo Crossing has proven to be an excellent spot for Barramundi fishing in the early dry and for Black Bream all year round. It Is a big river crossing which is know\ longer used so please do not try and cross it as you can’t get out the other side. It is the Daly River which crosses the crossing therefore it is a great fishing spot away from the crowds of the Daly River Area.

There is camping available however you do have to get a permit and there is no amenities therefore it is bush camping. It is about 40min drive on from Douglas Daly Tourist Park, the road is mostly dirt, in the dry season the road is accessible with a 2WD, please note when you see the river do not try to drive your car down to the river, leave it up on the road as it is a steep embankment with bull dust and washouts. There is a little clearing at the top for you to park your car.  This goes for both 4WD and 2WD. Swimming is not permitted due to the presence of Saltwater Crocodiles.

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