Warroora Station - The 14 Mile

Private Campground - Western Australia


Warroora Station (pronounced Warra) is a family run sheep and cattle station adjacent to the famous Ningaloo Reef coastline, offering eco friendly wilderness beach camping and authentic Station Stay Accommodation.

Come visit and immerse yourself in the raw spirit of Ningaloo. 

Warroora Station offers wilderness camping on white sand beaches that you have only ever seen in photos and movies. Step out of your caravan, motorhome or tent onto the white sands, then just a few steps to the warm blue water. 

Camping on Warroora Station is one of Western Australia's best kept secrets. 14 Mile, The Lagoon, Black Moon Cliff, Elle's Beach and Steven's Surf Break are all camping areas on Warroora Station.  Bookings are not taken for campsites and EFTPOS is not available.

If you would prefer a little more comfort while still experiencing the West Australian outback, we would be pleased to accommodate you at the old Station Homestead, Dudley Hill House, the Shearer's & Stockmen's Quarters or at our Cottage.

Imagine a place unchanged for thousands of years. A place where no one has tried to improve on Mother Nature. A place where time does just stand still.

Warroora Station is an ideal place to experience the Australian outback in its most natural state.

**Please note:  You need to go to Warroora Homestead before setting up camp**

Due to the fragile nature of this unique environment we ask that you observe the following:

  • You must be fully self sufficient with all your needs for your stay as no facilities or shops are provided.
  • Travel slowly for safety reasons for yourselves, for the protection of the wildlife in its natural habitat and for the livestock. Please let your tyres down to save the tracks.
  • Bring with you a chemical toilet and dispose of contents in the special chemical toilet stations provided on the property. You can hire toilets for $15 per day, from the Homestead or Caretakers at the 14 Mile, but need to book one for your stay.
  • Bring all your own wood (please do not collect on Warroora) if you intend on having a campfire. Campfires only permitted May thru October
  • Limited potable water is available at the Homestead, also artesian water showers, for a small fee.
  • A public phone is available at the Homestead.
Dogs:  You must get permission from Warroora first, all dogs permitted to access the property MUST BE kept on a leash and are the full responsibility of the owners. Remember the property has been baited to control foxes, cats and wild dogs. If your dog takes a bait then it is your own responsibility. Any animal found interfering with stock will be destroyed. Cats are not permitted.
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