Daisy Plains Huts - Carrai National Park

National Park - New South Wales


It’s a case of first come, first served at Daisy Plains huts in Carrai National Park. The four buildings, set among tall eucalypts, include a five-room bunkhouse (without beds), a kitchen with open fireplace, and a pit toilet. Other than that, there are some tables, but when the setting is this beautiful, you really don’t need much else.

The huts, often used by NPWS staff doing maintenance work, are left open for the public to use at no charge. It’s very remote, so you need to bring everything with you, including firewood, and ensure you remove all rubbish when you leave. The reward is peacefulness you won’t find at many campgrounds. At dawn and dusk, glossy black cockatoos squawk in nearby trees, and you might even spot a red-legged pademelon grazing on the short grass. The endangered Guthrie’s grevillea, which flowers green, is also found around the edge of the plateau, particularly at Marys View in the adjacent Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.

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