Kalpowar Crossing Camp - Rinyirru (Lakefield) NP

National Park - Queensland


Camping area features: on the very steep (>5 m high) western bank of the Normanby River adjacent to an 8 km stretch of permanent fresh waterholes. This camping area offers the most facilities and is popular with locals and travellers alike. This is the only point vehicles can cross the Normanby River to access Cape Melville National Park. Large crocodiles are frequently seen here—be croc wise in croc country.

Location: central part of the park on the western bank of the Normanby River adjacent to Kalpowar Crossing causeway, 3 km north-east of Lakefield Road—by road, the turn-off is 1 km south of Lakefield ranger base. Please do not park on the causeway, or on the rock ledges on either side, as this is a story place for local Traditional Owners.

Access:  the camping area can be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicle only. It is not accessible for caravans, campervans or buses. The road becomes impassable after rain.

Boat launching: Boat trailer access at the causeway.

Number of sites: 14 numbered sites for general use and four numbered sites for commercial operators only (sites 12–15).

Camp sites are suitable for: tent camping and camper trailers.

Camp site surface: dirt and grass (seasonal).

Shade: all sites have shade except sites 16–18.

Facilities: hybrid toilets, cold showers, taps (treat water before drinking) and individual fire rings.

Open fires: allowed (except when fire bans apply) in fire rings only. Fuel stoves are recommended. Do not collect firewood in the park.

Generators: only generators operated at less than 65dB(A), when measured 7m from the generator, are permitted, and only between 8.00am and 7.00pm.

Essentials to bring: adequate food and drinking water, equipment for treating water, rubbish bags, insect repellent, mosquito nets, fuel stove and adequate fuel and spare parts for your vehicle. 

Bookings: book online, over-the-counter, at a self-service kiosk or by phone prior to arrival. Bookings are essential and should be made well in advance for May to August and the September school holidays.

Mobile phone coverage: not available.

Easily accessible by small motorhomes in the dry. Very large well maintained campsites most able to fit four vehicles easily. Site 9 had a great view of the river rapids. Definitely the best camp in Lakefield park.
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