Mud Tank Zircon Field Fossicking Area

Free Camping - Northern Territory


The Mud Tank area on Alcoota Station in the Harts Range district is well known in the fossicking fraternity for its zircon material, a semi-precious Australian gem stone.

Camping: "Bush camping" is permitted within the Mud Tank Zircon Field on both sides of the main track up to Marktree Creek. Campers must take their rubbish with them when they leave.

Accommodation and campsites are available at the Gemtree Caravan Park, along with a range of other facilities including fuel (diesel, leaded and unleaded) and a grocery store.

There is no water available at the fossicking area, but visitors are welcome to replenish water supplies with bore water from the Gemtree. As a matter of courtesy, please notify the office beforehand, and collect water only during daylight hours.

Access is from the Plenty Highway 7.7 km east from the Gemtree Caravan Park. Turn right at Mud Tank Bore, where there are signs indicating the zircon fields, and continue south-west. Follow the signs to a gate (8 km), which is the entrance to the fossicking area. Total driving time from Alice Springs is approximately one and a half hours, with sealed roads to the Mud Tank Bore turn-off.

Access to the fossicking area is suitable for conventional vehicles with care.

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