Mount Monster Conservation Park

Free Camping - South Australia


Located 12 km south of Keith, Mount Monster Conservation Park boasts many special features. The parks is noted for its predominant geological feature, an unusual granite outcrop found only in one other location in South Australia. A short hike to the summit offers uninterrupted views over the granite outcrops, natural bushland and the flat agricultural land extending into the horizon. For the inquisitive, an interpretive self-guided walk around the base of the granite outcrop will reveal some of the secrets of Mount Monster.

A mosaic of soil types surrounding the outcrops ranging from shallow stony soil to dark brown loams supports a diverse ecosystem of bushland including blue and pinkgum woodland, mallee, broombush heath and golden and prickly wattle shrublands. Sheoaks, banksias and hakeas are other prevailing species, and in spring, a spectacularly rich diversity of wildflowers including orchids can be seen. The park also provides an important refuge for wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, woodland birds, and reptiles.

With all this to offer, Mount Monster will quickly become a favourite park for family picnics, hikes, wildflower viewing and bird watching.

Overnight camping is permitted in the designated areas within the park, there are no facilities so please come prepared to be self sufficient.

Camping is free in this park, you do not need to book online.

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