Dunmore Trout Waters

Hotel - Resort - New South Wales


An exciting trout fishery nestled in the spectacular New England region, where comfort, fantastic scenery, peace and quiet, is mixed with challenging and rewarding trout fishing.

Dunmore is located nesr Wandsworth, a tiny dot 35 km north of Guyra and just west of the New England Highway. The fishing, getaway cottage is part of the Ivey family's farming property ''Woollala'.

The main lodge is situated right on the largest lake of the property. Solar power provides all the comforts for family visits or angling groups, and provides a welcome refudge from the changeable weather that is a feature of the northern tablelands. Most winters provide a reasonalbe snow fall. The lodge can accommodate up the 15 people. With two lakes below the main lake, and five smaller lakes above the main lake [all stocked with fighting trout] it brings the total number of fishing impoundments to eight in this area.

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