Kenilworth Camping

Private Campground - Queensland


Situated approximately 2 klms from Kenilworth on the banks of the Mary River this is working dairy farm with camping allowed along the river bank. 

There is a large area and you can choose your own site. 

There are toilets on site but no other facilities and all rubbish must be removed from site when you leave.

The area is subject to flooding in wet conditions and it pays to be aware of this in adverse weather.

Interior road on the far are unsealed but access by regular vehicle is possible.

Expensive at $15.00 per person. The only facility is portable toilets. First 2 nights we had the entire park to ourselves but Friday saw an influx of campers and a rapid decline in hygiene at the toilets. As we are totally self contained it wasn't an issue for us. You can travel 2km into Kenilworth and shower at the Show Grounds for $1.00. Also a free dump point at the Show Grounds
Camping Fee - Adult $15.00
Per adult, per night - from

Camping Fee - Child $8.00
Per child, per night - from