Fernhook Falls Campground - Mount Frankland South NP

National Park - Western Australia


Dominated by an impressive granite peak, Mount Frankland National Park covers approximately 31000 hectares of karri, jarrah and tingle forest as well as expanses of treeless heathland.

Centre of the Wilderness
From the top of Mount Frankland you have 360 degree views of the Walpole Wilderness. The forests, wetlands and heathlands below you are home many unique plants and animals. See if you can track the course of the Frankland River as it makes its way to the coast.

Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre
Mount Frankland is one of three sites that make up the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre. It marks the boundary between vast tracts of pristine bush to the north and the human-occupied areas to the south.

Please note:  the sites are very small and do not suit caravans or big rigs.

sites are very small. sites are very rocky. sites are not flat. Day use has disabled access. camp sites are not suitable for balance impaired or wheelchair bound people. camp host does supply three bits of wood, however this will not be enough. overall visit don't stay
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