Carinya Ski Ranch Caravan Park & Water Ski Resort

Private Campground - New South Wales


Carinya is a non residential Caravan Park & Water Ski resort nestled on the banks of the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry in New South Wales. The park offers full service to the Casual camper, Caravaner, Day Skier or those requiring a weekend getaway. A little over an hour drive from the centre of Sydney, only 3 kilometres from the town of Wisemans Ferry. Carinya is the ideal destination, offering peace, tranquility, a safe boating and skiing environment and all the facilities you could require.

Carinya has been designed and operated to offer a wide range of activities for visitors to our park. Apart from the facilities offered to our long term guests, we are able to cater to the casual visitor......

Our prime function is to facilitate semi permanent holiday sites to our regular clientele. There are 41 such sites nestled behind a row of shady trees, sheltered from the river, all with vans that are privately owned. Equipped with annexes and verandah, they offer their owners a comfortable place that is an ideal holiday location.

From time to time, these sites and vans do become available for sale as a change in a family’s requirements take effect.

Carinya has substantial grounds on the foreshore of the beautiful Hawkesbury River enabling patrons to either just sit and enjoy the serenity & beauty or partake in livelier activities such as a game of cricket & volleyball.

The sandy beach area provides a clean and safe place for children & adults to have access to the water. 


  • Carinya Cafe
  • BBQs
  • Camping area
  • Toilets and showers
  • Cabins
  • Boat storage/garage
  • Boat ramp and beach
  • Laundry facilities
  • Roads and general information.
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