Coconut Beach Camping Area - Cape Upstart National Park

National Park - Queensland


Coconut Beach camping area is located on the beach beside Coconut Bay and can be accessed by boat only.

Campground features: Camp on the beach beside Coconut Bay.

Location: Coconut Beach.

Access: Boat only.

Number of sites: Open area without separately defined sites.

Campsites are suitable for: Tent camping only.

Campsite surface: Sand.

Facilities: None.

Open fires: Prohibited. Fuel stoves are recommended.

Generators: Not allowed, except for medical reasons (with the department's permission).

Essentials to bring: All food and drinking water, sturdy rubbish bags, insect repellent, sun protection, first aid kit, reliable torch, marine radio.

Bookings: book online or learn about our camping booking options.

Mobile phone coverage: Generally not available; satellite phones and marine radios recommended.

Please note, visitors should bring on first aid kit and water and should bring another form of communication other than mobile phone. Be wary of marine stingers and  estuarine crocodiles.

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Camping Fee $6.75
Per person, per night - from

Camping Fee - Family $27.00
Per family, per night (up to 2 adults, 6 children under 18 years) - from