Henbury Meteorite Craters Camp Area

Private Campground - Northern Territory


Turn off Ernest Giles Road at GPS -24.5870, 133.1217 and travel the the unsealed road for approx 5kms.  Located 145km south west of Alice Springs, the Reserve can be reached in a conventional 2WD vehicle. At 132 km south of Alice Springs, along the Stuart Highway there is a gravel road leading to Watarrka National Park - Kings Canyon. Travel along this road for 8 km, then turn north for 5 km to the Reserve's entrance.

Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve contains 12 craters which were formed when a meteor hit the earth's surface 4,700 years ago. The Henbury Meteor, weighing several tonnes and accelerating to over 40,000 km per hour, disintegrated before impact and the fragments formed the craters.

The scattered fragments of the Henbury Meteorite are extremely heavy since they consist mainly of the metals iron (90%) and nickel (8%). Over 500 kilograms of metal have been found on the site, the largest over 10 kilograms. Few specimens now exist in the area.  

Most of the meteorite fragments have been removed from the site. Some visitors have persisted in searching for souvenirs and you may see evidence of their activities. Such activities are illegal.

A camping ground with picnic facilities, a pit toilet and information are available. There is no drinking water in the area. Firewood should be collected before entering the Reserve.

Still just as quiet.

Very flat area, very clean and so quiet. The areas are marked for parking and camping are a little short but we just reversed back as far as possible and remained hitched but car did stick out a bit onto track but it wasn’t too much of an issue. Interesting site to see.
Camping Fee - Child $1.65
Per child, per night (aged 5-15 years) - from

Camping Fee - Adult $3.30
Per adult, per night - from

Camping Fee - Family $7.70
Per family, per night (up to 2 adults and 4 children) - from