Barrabup Sanctuary

Private Campground - Western Australia


Barrabup Sanctuary is located at “Quigup” on the Old Barrabup Road, Nannup.  There are several choices for your accommodation: Available are cabins, campground, an Eco-hut, a Bird-hide and a second campground.

Barrabup Sanctuary is 32 Hectares of mainly Jarrah, Marri, Blackbud, Banksia and Rivergum with frontage at the beautiful Blackwood river. 

Both campgrounds at Barrabup are available by request for private use. The Eco friendly huts are very comfortable with all the facilities for a pleasant stay. How the huts are situated provide the visitor a private atmosphere in the forest at the river. 

Barrabup Sanctuary started life in the seventies when Glenn Orley purchased the property as a family home hideaway, He soon had the idea to share the peace and tranquility with other like minded people and developed the first camping ground. With small groups of visitors Glenn was conducting botanical and fauna walks around the sanctuary.

In the nineties Barrabup Sanctuary was reborn as a private Eco camp-ground and has involved into a friendly and welcoming sight that it is today. Nowadays Barrabup has introduced two Eco huts and with further developments of the camp-grounds. The Sanctuary grounds are run by Glenn Orley and he can be contacted any time and is happy to answer any questions about Barrabup Sanctuary

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