Arckaringa Homestead

Private Campground - South Australia


Stunning at sunrise, sunset or during the day, the name says it all. And from the Arckaringa homestead…the changing looks of the desert hills are in full view all day long. So who is the artist of the Painted Desert you may ask? It is all thanks to Mother Nature who has taken 80 million years to create this master piece which is enjoyed by many tourists and photographers all year round.

The Painted Desert is an ancient Inland Sea bed where the hills are the result of rain, weather and erosion. The slopes and shapes include many different colours and shades of orange, yellow and white, and it is the coloured shale on the faces of the hills from which the name “Painted Desert” came. The various shapes are formed when the top layers of soil dry out and fall away to reveal the beautiful rich colours underneath.  

Views at sunrise and sunset are particularly amazing. The deep red, brown, orange, yellow and white colours blend together and by midday are transformed into brighter shades. Also among these spectacular hills is the Mirackina Range, a long dark line of mesas, which run about 5 to 10 kms to the west. It runs almost parallel to the Arckaringa Creek. This range is the ancient remains of another waterway, the Mirackina Paleochannel, which can be seen by satellite image.

Arckaringa Homestead offer basic accommodation for any travellers who would like to spend the night. This might be to catch the best moments out in the Painted Desert which is at sunrise and sunset. Our cabins have recently been renovated with new linen and a fresh coat of paint on the walls!

We also have a camp sites available for you to set up at where you have access to the wood BBQ and shaded area. Please note that we do not offer powered campsites. All pets must be restrained.

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Camping Fee $20.00
Per vehicle, per night