Touts Lookout

Free Camping - New South Wales


Touts Lookout is one of the most stunning panoramic views in the district. If you are a kite-flying enthusiast or enjoy photography, this is an essential stop-off on your itinerary. Touts Lookout is accessible to visit at any time, whether it's during the Canola season, to capture the beautiful view at sunsets, or just to experience the serenity.

Two long drop toilets and picnic tables in a brick shelter located on-site.

What a fabulous view! Beautiful sunset and sunrise. Found a level spot. Long drop dunnies and a bin. No one else here, just the occasional traveller looking at the view.
Wow what a fantastic location to wake up to. Couple of KMs on good dirt road from Monteagle and worth it. Bin and drop toilets and seemed very clean and tidy
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