Stanage Bay Camp Area

Free Camping - Queensland


Stanage Bay is a remote & isolated village located north of Yeppoon. You need to travel a 100Km dirt road to access this location. 4WD is highly recommended for this trip. 

The only facility there is a toilet. You must be completely self sufficient. It is well known for it's fishing and you are camping right next to the beach. You can also launch your boat from the boat ramp located here as well.

Important Information to new Visitors to Stanage:

  • There is no designated camp grounds (the land is owned by QLD Government), most campers stay at endeavour park.  First in Best dressed. 
  • There is NO potable water , you must bring your own.
  • There are NO shower facilities.
  • There are toilets at the boat ramp but they are not suitable for caravaners to drop their waste.
  • You are not to chop down trees for firewood - Bring your own .
  • We have a transfer station for rubbish (it’s currently free) you’ll pass it on the way in and on the way out , please dispose of your rubbish here and no where else.
  • It’s a small community, there are no jobs going (had a few backpackers asking about Stanage).
  • The road is around 100km of Dirt Road.
For those wishing to get away from it all and be by the sea this is the place. The dirt road is probably only about 75 to 80 Km. It was quite good in December 2015 when we went in but can be rough at times. There are two main camp sites one near the boat ramp (mainly frequented by fishermen) and another at a secluded beach area. Camp fires are not allowed at the beach camp. Self contained vehicles are a must. The Store/pub/centre of commerce is a friendly venue and the 50 or so permanent locals are among the friendliest you will find anywhere. We will certainly be returning even if the dirt road is bad. Trailaloo 090116 Brian Lambert
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