Ironstone Gully Falls

Rest Area Day Use - Western Australia


If you are heading southeast from Capel towards Donnybrook along Goodwood Road, it’s worth stopping at the picturesque Ironstone Gully Falls picnic area.

In winter the stream, having followed a course through one of the region’s many fine jarrah forests, crosses under the road and gently rambles over a series of rapids. The Falls drop over a ledge of nine metres. From August to October, the surrounding countryside abounds with a stunning display of WA wildflowers.

Located 17kms south-east of Capel, this historic picnic area was reserved in 1903 for use as a recreation area for the Capel River settlers. Although not an official trail, the site is famous for the rich red rock over which a small tributary from the Capel River tumbles.

An existing narrow vehicle track winds its way throughout the reserve, providing an ideal ready-made walking and cycling circuit. Bird guides list this site for its potential for sighting raptors, Red-Tailed and Long-Billed Black Cockatoos, and Scarlet Robins.

BBQ and toilet facilities are available at this site.


Small area and we arrived late with our big motorhome. However campers shuffled their vans around and fitted us in nicely. Pretty area, lots of black cockatoos in the morning.

Great little spot good toilets can be crowded during holiday periods best time to visit late winter as water flowing.

Now has no camping signs.
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