Banambarrnga/Rainbow Cliffs Campground

Private Campground - Northern Territory


Banambarrnga/Rainbow Cliffs is a sheer section of coastline where the exposed and weathered rock profile produces a striking colourful effect on the cliff face as it plunges over 40 meters into the sea. Open forest runs to the top of the cliff and a small tidal creek winds through a mangrove community to spill into the sea at its western end, where there is easy access to a sandy beach.

The top of the cliff is a Sacred Site and access is not permitted. Follow the road to the eastern side of the cliffs to see a spectacular view from the laterite shelf adjacent to the cliff base. 

The western side of the track leads to a small cliff, camping areas and a beach.

Most roads and tracks in the Designated Recreation Areas require 4WD vehicles to access. Maximum vehicle clearance for majority of the Recreation Areas is 2.5m height, 2.1m width and 3.5 tonne weight. Some areas may be closed due to seasonal flooding. Contact Dhimurru for more information regarding vehicle access and for current road conditions. 

Registered Sacred Sites are governed by conditions of access designed so visitors do not unwittingly damage these sites or place themselves in a position of potential legal liability. There are heavy penalties for disobeying these conditions. 

Recreation destinations are signposted and split into General Permit areas and Special Permit areas. Please make sure you have the appropriate permit for your journey.  This particular campground requires a general permit.

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