The Grove

Private Campground - New South Wales


Jacqui and Profth founded the Grove in 1991, creating a space for people with an interest in alternative lifestyles. The Grove is a network centre – a community associated with many other like-minded people and groups working towards social change.

The Grove cares for and respects the environment, so future generations can live in health and abundance.

Over the years the Grove has hosted many small alternative lifestyle festivals – called ‘Grove Gatherings’ – where people come for three or four days camping and community.

The property is situated near Wisemans Ferry and is approximately 90km from Sydney and 75km from Gosford. It covers 40 acres of hillside and river flats and is bounded by national parks.

Wisemans Ferry shops are 5km away, and a 15km drive along a dirt road takes you to the picturesque village of St Albans with its historic settlers Arms pub.

Camping at the Grove – Tips and Info

  • Grove camping is based on $15 per person per day. Half price for people 16 years old and under, free entry for kids 5 years old and under. This supports us in providing this space, thank you!
  • Please don’t drive your car into the camping area. Unload and use the trollies provided to help with taking camping gear to your chosen camping spot – ask for assistance if you need it.
  • If you are using your vehicle or camper to sleep in, you are welcome to park in the dedicated area, adjacent to the unload and camping area.
  • The valley has no mobile phone coverage – in an emergency come to the house.
  • Rainwater from the tap is good to drink. No chemical additives.
  • You will need a torch at night – wombats dig big homes.
  • Keep your tent zipped, as animals may also find it cozy. Snakes and other wild life live here – do not disturb them as they are potentially harmful.
  • There are two hot showers in the amenities block (The Abbey). Beware the tap water gets very hot. Please use the water sparingly as it is tank water and the gas to heat the water is expensive.
  • The fire-pit is for cooking, please keep the fire small to conserve timber. 
  • During a Total Fire Ban, gas cookers are available. There is a drum of water and buckets near the camp fire in the case of an accident.
  • There is no refrigeration so please bring your own ice and coolers.
  • Garbage: Please take away all that you brought in, butts too. The Grove does not have a garbage collection, so avoid purchasing food that is over packaged.
  • Please cease noise before 10pm – in consideration of the neighbors.
  • Do not use soap in the river – the fish are breathing.
  • Toilets are composting, the lid must be kept closed after use. It is ok to put toilet paper down.
  • No dogs or other domestic pets are permitted.
  • The compost bin provided is for vegetarian food waste only.
  • A 3-kilometre walk along the ridge will take you to Aboriginal rock engravings.
  • Shops are 5kms away in Wisemans Ferry. There is a small supermarket there.
  • Ice can be obtained at the petrol station at Wisemans ferry – let us know if you are going to see if anyone else needs something.

Warning: Smart phones often direct people to the Grove via Windsor – this  will add an extra hour or so on to the trip – including a 23km dirt road !!!

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