Cockburn Rest Area

Rest Area Overnight - Western Australia


This free overnight rest area is large, level and has no shade.  It has toilets with disabled access, covered picnic tables, wood BBQ's and a dump point.

Separate areas for entry and exit for cars versus road trains. No chance of being hit in your sleep. There are also plenty of level parking places and generators could be used without fear. Four fully shaded picnic tables which will comfortably sit 6 or 8 at a squeeze. Two old iron bbq grills probably best used for an open fire rather than food cooking. Toilets are clean and well set back from parking areas with wheelchair accessibility ramps and one toilet specifically for disability. Plenty of trees to park under our plenty of space to park of you want solar instead. There is also a public dump for Blackwater disposal. Plenty of large garbage bins to dispose of fruit and vegetables and any other waste you need to get rid of. Stayed here a few days ago. At dusk a lot of Beetle like bugs were crawling over fly screens. The are like a small stink bug or a large tick in shape. Squash them and they stink like a stink bug.... But they nibble at you while you are asleep creating allergic reactions 3 days later they are still in our van, in our bedding, everywhere

Great rest area. Lots of room with good access to dump point.
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    Cnr Great Northern Highway & Victoria Highway
    Lake Argyle, Western Australia, 6743
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    -15.868535, 128.371464
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    Kununurra, Western Australia
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