Springvale Park

Private Campground - Queensland


Springvale, is a working cattle property settled in 1916.   Comprising of 3804 hectare/9395 acres of steep valleys and high mountain tops covered by scrub, rainforest and open eucalyptus forests.  Come for a trail ride, bush walk, or have a campfire cuppa  and learn about life through the last century on Springvale. 

Freestyle camping throughout the property to those whom are self-sufficient, four-wheel drive areas only into the mountain areas, &  two wheel drive at front of property.
Activities you can engage in at Springvale 
•Fauna watching – property lists available at request –vulnerable and threatened species on property.
•Bird watching – Historical and “wild net” list available at request.
•Camping- amenities and freestyle.
•Trail rides- bring your own horse- two trails over two days;  we’ll boil the billy and have a lunch stop at one of the water points/holding paddock on the Saturday, during the full day ride.  Then on Sunday  the shorter ride, we will stop for a morning tea.  (Food provided in cost).  These rides are rocky and mountainous in places; horses need healthy feet or shod hooves.
•Property tour with morning/afternoon teas on the tour, prior booked.
•View day to day operations of a working cattle property, including horse back mustering, and working dog demonstration.  On request you may join in at feeding time to watch, feed and steal a pat form various farm animals.  Saturday and Sunday only - 4 to 5pm $10/car.
•Bicycle riding, bring your own bike.
•Cooling off  creek .

•You may choose a camp at designated areas  on the property , exclusive one camper only sites available at booking.
•Shower and septic toilet is provided at Stockyards below cottage.
•There is ample firewood available.  Please be careful with camp fires and ensure that fires are out when leaving the camp site. Do not put glass or tins in the fireplaces.  Fires will be allowed when permits from district warden are available to property owner. (Times of high risk fire danger, fires will not be allowed)
•Generators can be used but in the main camping areas there is a no noise limit after 10.30pm at night.
•Do not camp under mature trees - they shed limbs.
•Make sure food is securely stored at night and while you are away from your campsite as the wildlife can create havoc if not properly stored.
•RUBBISH MUST NOT be left at campsites, take your rubbish home.
•Dispersed camping means no amenities block. That means extra care has to be taken in disposing of human waste. To dispose of faeces, dig a hole six (6) inches deep at least 100 feet away from any water source.  Fill the hole with the dirt you dug up. Never defecate or leave toilet paper on top of the ground. It could easily get into the local water source and contaminate it.
•Any unrulely behaviour, disturbing other campers or owners will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave immediately. No refund of fees will be given and no future admittance to property granted.

Please note:  bookings are required and it is a cash only site. Sorry, no EFTPOS available.

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