Osprey Bay Campground - Cape Range National Park

National Park - Western Australia


20 camp sites situated above a rock-shelf shoreline with access to a small sandy beach for all visitors.

Osprey Bay is situated above a rock-shelf shoreline which has small sandy enclaves exposed at low tide. Campsites have no shade.

Bookings are required during peak season (April to October). Check in and check out are 10am. Bookings cannot be made within 48 hours of the time of arrival. From November to March, however, camping sites are allocated on a first come, first served basis and bookings are not applicable.

Campground hosts stay in the park from April to the end of November.
Camp site dimensions are specific. Ensure your vehicle or tent is suitable for your chosen camp site.

A sandy beach leads north to Sandy Bay and is located adjacent the Osprey Sanctuary Zone of Ningaloo Marine Park. Like many other localities along the marine park, Osprey Bay is a shore-based recreational fishing zone, which allows recreational fishers to fish from the shore only, as the remainder of the waters are within the Sanctuary Zone. Before fishing anywhere in Ningaloo Marine Park, always ‘know your zones’ and comply with size, bag and seasonal limits (www.fish.wa.gov.au).  

Campsites have no power or water but the views and natural beauty are second to none. Fees apply and there are restrictions to the length of time you can camp.

Bush walking

Cape Range offers walks through deep gorges such as Mandu Mandu and the Badjirrajirra Loop Trail across the scenic high country at Charles Knife Canyon.

Wild attractions

Euros, wallabies, emus and perenties are regularly encountered and the threatened black-footed rock-wallaby can be frequently spotted on the cliffs at Yardie Creek Gorge, which you can also view from the Yardie Creek Boat Tour. The Mangrove Bay Bird Hide is a great place to see shorebirds, mangrove fantails, mangrove whistlers and yellow white eyes.

Stay safe

Temperatures can soar to over 50°C in summer. Walks should only be attempted between April and September. Wear suitable footwear and clothing and carry plenty of water. If taking an extended walk let someone know your expected time of return.

The access road through the park is sealed, with two-wheel-drive access to camp and day use sites. A four-wheel-drive is needed to cross Yardie Creek. Conditions change quickly with rain and access may become restricted.

Wildlife abounds in the park, so please drive with consideration and avoid driving at dusk, dawn and at night.

Lovely place. Good snorkeling

Lovely place , great to swim, fish, ride, walks, just relaxing love it.????
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