Blencoe Falls Camping Area - Girringun National Park

National Park - Queensland


Blencoe Falls camping area is in open woodland adjacent to Blencoe Creek. It provides both private and large group camping experiences.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

Camping area features: open woodland with large group camping areas and a number of private sheltered sites along the creek.

Location: the camping area is signposted near the Blencoe Creek bridge.

Access: the camping area can be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles only. It is not accessible for trailers, caravans, buses or motorhomes (off-road caravans and camper trailers excepted).

Number of sites: large open areas without separately defined sites. There are also a small number of separate, secluded sites along Blencoe Creek.

Camp sites are suitable for: tent camping beside your car, camper trailers, walk-in camping and large groups.

Camp site surface: dirt and grass.

Facilities: hybrid toilets—as many camp sites are some distance from these facilities, campers are encouraged to bring their own portable toilet if possible.

Open fires: allowed (except when fire bans apply). Fuel stoves are recommended. Firewood must not be collected from the national park.

Generators: only generators that operate at or below 65db(A) are allowed. Generators may be operated between 9.00am and 12.00pm (midday) only.

Essentials to bring: drinking water or water treatment devices and rubbish bags. Read more about things to know before you go.

Bookings: book online or learn about our camping booking options.

Mobile phone coverage: poor.

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Camping Fee - Family $27.00
Per family, per night (up to 2 adults, 6 children under 18 years) - from

Camping Fee $6.75
Per person, per night - from