Bendemeer Campground

Private Campground - New South Wales


This large, low cost overnight area is strictly a 24 hour overnight maximum stay. It located on the banks of the MacDonald River with plenty of shade on the grassy sites from the many trees above. 

Access to this rest area is via an 800m dirt track located behind the showgrounds. It is quiet and has a lovely outlook. 

Here you will find toilets,  picnic tables, wood BBQ's and pets are allowed.

Price as at 22 March 2020 is $5 per vehicle per night.

Not free, now $5 per vehicle

While this is a nice spot but hard to justify at $5 when the near by park does a $10 deal for CMCA members with all facilities and power.

Great little spot. $5 donation and water available. Big camping area for all size vehicles. Nice and flat.

Have stayed a few times, since the charge has come in the toilets are always clean and there is a light. There is a box on the passenger side of the road for the form to fill in to put on your windscreen and put the money in the envelope. Caretaker will come around in the evening to check. Walking distance to village.

What a great place to stop at mid afternoon and enjoy sitting and looking out at the river below. Very relaxing. Road noise hardly noticeable. $5 fee not a problem. Flush toilets very good. Not a bad place to wake up to as well.

2 bars of 4g (Telstra) a bonus. Able to wait out a freezing cold and raining night with Netflix and a few shorts steps to a loo with toilet paper. Some highway noise but the rain and Netflix drowned it out.

A beautiful location but we only dropped in for a break and stretch the legs. Nice to see a touch of green grass despite the dryness along the highway. It would be great if people did not light a fire in a new spot when a previous black ring exists (in appropriate conditions of course).

The $5.00 charge here is that. It is not a donation. No water available now.
Camping Fee - Adult $5.00
Per site, per night (2 adults)
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    Selina Street
    Bendemeer, New South Wales, 2355
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    -30.887211, 151.157012
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    Kootingal, New South Wales
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