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The Cooktown RV Rest Area is located at the Cooktown Racecourse on Endeavour Valley Road, 2km from the centre of Cooktown.  The site is free to stay, however, donations are strongly encouraged. 

The rest area is available for fully self contained vehicles that must have the following: 

  • Permanently fixed toilet, shower, washing and cooking facilities built within the vehicle.
  • Grey water and black water containment systems fixed within the body of the vehicle with fixed plumbing and fittings that enable discharge to a Dump Ezy point. Portable totes are acceptable providing they have all connections as per CMCA SCV policy. (open containers or buckets to collect grey or black water are not permitted under any circumstances).

The following conditions also apply:

  • Use of the area is for a maximum of 3 nights 
  • Use of generators is permitted 
  • Dogs must be restrained at all times and must not cause a nuisance to neighbours or pedestrians. You must clean up after your dog
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum after 9:00PM 
  • Cook Shire Council regularly monitors the RV Rest Area and any breach of these conditions will result in the vehicle being required to leave the RV Rest Area.
Camp is not by donation there is a $15 fee to race club

Great place to stay for a donation. The ground is quite lumpy so people park quite randomly. Be early to ensure a spot. There are no facilities but rubbish bins are supplied and regularly emptied. Council staff check number plates for three night compliance.

Great spot, get in early for the best spots. Close to town.

Great spot. Everybody was self contained. Council worker comes around every morning and night. Bins emptied. Very quiet at night. A spot well worth going to and PLEASE don't forget to leave a donation as these types of spots are like gold.

Nice quiet area for a night or 2. Council employee comes around to check vehicles are fully self contained. Potable water and dump point are a couple of kilometres away in town (corner of Adelaide and Archer Streets). Public toilets also in town. No public access to race club buildings or immediate surrounds. Garbage bins on site. Donation box here.

We stayed in the 1st area here, further down was quite crowded. Could we suggest that a donation box in this area would be helpful as am sure not everyone camped here walks to the main area to put in their donation. Great stay.

This is no longer a free camp site the turf club charge $15.00 per night still cheap . The turf club have opened up toilets and showers now though.

Great place to stay. We had 3 days here, good weather, plenty of space for big rigs, lots to see, especially Capt Cook Museum and the lookout.
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