Artesian Motor Inn

Motel - New South Wales


Should you ever find yourself in the picturesque and friendly little town of Coonamble, there are two folks in particular who’d love to make your acquaintance. They’re Bob and Jean Ware, and they run the local Artesian Motor Inn. Bob and Jean have been fond names in the business since 1986, which means they’ve been taking care of weary travelers and happy holidaymakers for nearly 30 years. The Artesian Motor Inn is their pride and joy, and it’s easy to see why.

The Artesian Motor Inn is a spacious and well-furnished motel, providing the perfect spot for anybody looking to stay a few nights in town. Whether you’re just passing through or looking to experience the beauty and goings-on in and around Coonamble, Bob and Jean will work their hardest to make sure every moment of your stay is just right.

Whether you’re visiting on your own, as a family or even a larger group (corporate and government bookings are a Bob and Jean specialty), the Artesian Motor Inn has you covered. The rooms are all newly-refurbished in every respect, from the beds to the televisions and the 100% wool carpets. Each room has its own bathroom of course, and the family rooms come with two separate sleeping areas to ensure privacy. You can also expect to enjoy the following:

  • A refrigerator to stash your own drinks, snacks and barbeque food (more on that in a sec!)
  • Powerful air conditioning
  • Queen-sized beds
  • Daily housekeeping included in the room rate
  • Room service
  • Last, but as far from least as possible, top quality soundproofing. Noisy, sleepless nights are most certainly not a feature of the Artesian Motor Inn!

It’s not just the rooms that set the Artesian apart, however. After a long old day of travel, nothing beats relaxing with a few cold ones at the bar. Except, of course, following it up with a hearty meal in a proper restaurant. The Artesian Motor Inn is the only motel in Coonamble with its own genuine, bona fide restaurant, and there’s something on the menu for everyone. Chicken, steak, seafood or tasty specials for the kids, it’s all there and it’s all delicious!

The spacious grounds also allow for lots of outdoorsy fun during your stay. There’s plenty of room to relax outside, including a playground for the kids and the biggest salt water motel swimming pool in Coonamble. Oh, and remember that barbeque food? The Artesian has two completely free (gas included) barbeque areas set up, perfect if you fancy cooking up your own dinner and maybe making friends with the other guests. Bob and Jean will provide the cutlery, so all you need is the grub!

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