Willow Springs Station & Skytrek

Private Campground - South Australia


Willow Springs Station is a typical sheep station of approx 70,000 acres or 283sq km that offers visitors true bush hospitality and quiet secluded settings. The picturesque setting neighbours the Flinders Ranges National Park and is central to all popular features and destinations in the region.

The pastoral lease of Willow Springs was taken up by grandfather, Steve Reynolds and his 3 sons at the height of the wool boom in the 1950s and for 30 years successfully supported a large family business.

In 1985 Carmel & Brendan joined Brendan's parents in a partnership to obtain Willow Springs and took the first step in diversifying into the tourist industry, by developing the Shearer's Quarters as an alternative accommodation facility in the Flinders Ranges.

With sheep and cattle still a major part of everyday living on Willow Springs, Willow Springs has transformed into a popular tourist destination. In 1995 the 60km Skytrek 4WD tour was constructed. In 2012 the route was changed and now stays exclusively on Willow Springs Station.

Willow Springs Pastoral is today operated by Christopher (Carmel and Brendan's son), who also works (with his partner Bridie) on a sheep station 170km North of Willow Springs - they have two daughters. Carmel and Brendan's eldest daughter, Anne-Marie, is married with three children, second married daughter, Naomi, has two children and youngest, Michelle, now operates Skytrek Willow Springs Tourism on the property.


Ideal for small and large groups.

A limited number of camping sites are available on Willow Springs Station.

Our camping sites offer privacy, a sense of isolation and security. Whether you're travelling on your own or in a group our sites vary in size offering accessibility to 2WDs, AWDs, 4WDs, Tents, Camper Trailers, Caravans and Motorhomes. Club/Group campsites are also available on request.

NB: In order to ensure we have you allocated into a site that best suits you, please let us know upon booking if you are travelling in 2WD, AWD or 4WD and if/what you are towing.

Choose a layout best suited to you. The private, secluded bush camping sites, all situated within 2km of the Homestead, come complete with a designated fire ring and BBQ plate, picnic table and a long drop toilet.  Alternatively, perhaps a site closer to facilities is more your preference. Why not situate yourself in a site located in close proximity to the Ablution amenities and Camp Kitchen and enjoy the company of other campers within 20-50m of your site? Regardless of your campsite location, each camper has access to Ablution amenities and fully equipped camp kitchen (including VAST Satellite TV & WIFI) by short walk or drive.


  • Photography
  • Bushwalking
  • 4WD
  • Film location
  • Birdwatching
  • Family bookings
  • Horse trails
  • Art group activities 
Only suitable for 4x4 mobile homes. A 4km very dusty dirt road to the office. Our campsite was another 6km on a dirt road with sharp shale sections. Drop toilet and no water, 6 km drive back to get a shower.

I have been going to the Finders Ranges for many years and I always stay on Willow Springs Station. The owners, the Reynolds family always make me feel very welcome and almost part of the family. If you like a quiet scenic setting away from the crowds and the resorts, this is the place. There is so much to see and do in the area as well as walks on the property. If you have a high clearance four wheel drive and have some experience, the track called Skytrek on the property is a must do. If not you can join a tour.
Camping Fee $25.00
Per site, per night (2 adults) - from