Whitewell Tank Camp Area

Free Camping - South Australia


Flat, fenced area adjacent to old hut which is approximately 2 kilometres from the Eyre highway, on the road to the Head of the Bight. No facilities so really need to be self-contained, Signposted for camping.

Whilst there is no facilities it is very flat so it is disabled friendly.

There is NO water available

The whale viewing area is just a few kilometres further along the same road, there are certain times of the year that whales are visible for viewing, and fees do apply. (Refer to signs at the location).

The only shade is in the building (Hut) at the free camp area, and this is very limited being restricted to chairs only.

Great spot for star gazing if it's not cloudy.

12 months since our last attempt to visit WA, so hoping no dramas. Situation the same here, windy and sheltering by the hut, cooking the last vegetables into a chowder so that the border officials can't have them. Phone reception is okay today.

Free camp on very flat and gravelled area. There is a shelter here but nothing else so you will need to be self contained. Area is fully fenced with 2 m high fencing. This probably was the car park for the original whale centre back in the day. Now it’s a great spot to camp and so close to the new centre. It’s just outside the gates.

Grateful to have some shelter from the wind today, beside the hut. The hut is now locked. This is a wonderful site in the middle of very flat terrain. Very clean.
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