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Barbour Park is an overnight rest area, situated by a small weir (creek) and has the Gunning park swimming pool attached to it. The area is small, and can only take about 15 vehicles and vans.  It cannot handle any rigs more than 20 metres in total length.  They recommend if you're big, then head to the Gunning Showgrounds which is also a free stay for a maximum of 48 hours.

This is a nice rest area, hot/cold showers are available at the swimming pool, and you can even use the local pool for a swim at a small cost. 

The parks are well maintained, the BBQ's are clean and you are within walking distance of the main town shops.

There is a donation box at the service station and donations are warmly welcomed to help pay for the maintenance of this site.  Please note:  this is a maximum 48 hour limit.

Please make sure you do not camp near the section where it states "No Camping".

Stopped here for a morning tea break. It is an excellent but small camp site close to town facilities. There is not much level area except for right down on the creek bank. Recommend care after rain as the site can remain wet for some time.

Good place to stay overnight, on the banks of small weir with some wildlife. Walk to town for supplies. Flush toilets, pool nearby. Great facility to encourage visitors to local area to linger longer.

We stayed here in Oct 15 and found it just as good as the writeup states. There are a number of eating options close by. Take your torch with you when you visit the facilities at night as the lights are on a timer.

Nice place to stop beside the creek. Good reflections if water is still. Could fit a lot more RVs in if travelers would back or nose in rather than parallel park.

This is a smallish campsite but unfortunately has just had some flood damage and is recovering. There is an amenities block, garbage bins and a pleasant vista, if lucky enough to be able to camp beside the creek. Better suited to smaller rigs (8-9 m and under) but if a big rig was there first then there would not be an issue for them - the turning around is the issue so best check it out before coming in. There are also the showgrounds there. Time limit is 2 days. It is beside the swimming pool and some playgrounds, so please do not camp in the car park, that is used for these facilities. The campground is right down the end of the driveway.

We have stayed here a number of times and yes you do need to get in by mid afternoon, but that's because it is so good, meals at pub are great, as well and there is a tap to fill your water tank near the road. Gunning is in need of something to keep it going since the highway passes it and this is a step in the right direction, the hot showers went in about 2 years ago.

Lovely peaceful place to camp by the creek. But there's a A4 notice near the street which we missed saying the camp site is closed until Nov 1, 2021 (no mention about why!). Oops we missed it!

Great spot very pretty. We could hear traffic noise. Good overnight stop. Lovely little town.

Nice little free overnight stop with warm showers. Suitable for campervans and smaller rigs. Walk into town for a coffee and cake. Leave a gold coin donation at the servo and support the town

Great spot free hot shows...keep it clean folks...not many of these places left.
Donation $2.00
Donation - showers