Andrew Drynan Park

Private Campground - Queensland


Andrew Drynan Park is 47km from Beaudesert and 19km from Rathdowney on the Lions Road, south of Beaudesert, and Running Creek. It has an impressive backdrop formed by Mt Chinghee. The drive from Brisbane will take a couple of hours. 

The park is divided by Lions Road. Running Creek is a lovely flowing creek which is very inviting in summer and the park offers a great bush camp among the tall trees. 

Facilities: Toilets, BBQs, picnic tables and swimming. BYO drinking water. Pets to be restrained. No showers -- a dip in the creek will keep you clean. Please don't use soap or detergent. 

Directions: At Rathdowney, turn left into Running Creek Rd. Park located on Running Creek approximately 17km south east of Rathdowney. 

 **Please note: via the Lions Tourist Road, there is a 3.5m height and 5t weight restriction coming across the QLD/NSW border and it is an extremely steep, windy road as well.

New toilets have been constructed, grounds well maintained, fees now $10 per adult

A delightful road as long as you take it easy. The height restriction mentioned is quite wrong...10 years ago there was a crossbar at the border, now long gone. There is however one low rail bridge with 3.5 metre clearance, so ok for most RVs Full marks to the Lions club for completing this stretch of road.
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