Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park

Private Campground - South Australia


Loveday 4x4 Adventures is a privately owned 4x4 adventure park. It’s only 2hrs east of Adelaide and 2hrs west of Mildura.

Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park has everything from the quiet relaxing river camping, through to hardcore 4x4 driving.  Bring the family along. Everything, everyday for everyone.  No motorbikes permitted.

Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park is on 8000 acres of private property, encompassing all the environmental features to create a perfect place for 4 wheel driving adventures. The Park is also a working produce and cattle property.

This unique property maintains 14kms of the mighty Murray River with great camp sites near the banks. Our camp sites are 2wd, caravan and boat friendly.  From the River the property transforms from smooth clay flats, through to creek beds, to deep soft sand hills. 

The Northern upper part of the property has a mixture of stony hills, through to sandy mallee scrub.

The property occupies two of its very own natural lakes, located next to each other and adjoined by a small creek. These lakes have the distinct feature of a pair of spectacles—hence the name of the property—”Specs Lakes”.

The Loveday Tavern is the heart and soul of the Park. There is plenty for the whole family to do. Mum and Dad can relax and enjoy a few drinks at the fully licensed bar, while the kids go and play on the lawn area and play ground.  No BYO or glass allowed in to the licensed area. 

DOGS are NOT PERMITTED in the tavern or lawned area. 

For Bookings of campsites, please arrange via Email.

We have many campsites along the mighty Murray River or we have our tavern camp ground.

Camping is $60 per vehicle (inc 2wds)for the first night, and $10 for every extra night after that.

We ask all visitors to come straight  to the Tavern on arrival and sign in.

The Park has fully functional toilets for both men and women, located at the rear of the Tavern. We also have hot showers for just a gold coin donation.

 As a privately owned property we ask all visitors to respect the environment and clean up after themselves.  If you are camping and require fire wood, we ask you to please visit the tavern and purchase wood, or bring your own from home.  Loveday comes under the River Murray Environmental Protection act, which means it’s illegal for us and any persons to collect or burn wood from the property.  We at Loveday believe it's part of the camping experience to be able to sit around a camp fire at night. We buy loads of wood in from outside the area for campers to be able to purchase and enjoy the camping life.

Collecting fire wood is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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Camping Fee - Every extra night after the first night $20.00
Per vehicle, per night - from

Camping Fee - First Night $60.00
Per vehicle, per night - from