Middle Rocks Camping Area

National Park - Queensland

Wreck Rock can be accessed by four-wheel drive from the north or by conventional vehicle from the south. Access roads to camping areas are suitable for camper trailers. Caravan access is not possible. However Team Tripigy has traversed these tracks, and although 4wd is needed a hybrid small van would be able to access the camping facilities.

Middle Rocks is a back to basic camping area. There are no facilities in this camping area and campers must be totally self sufficient. If you are looking for basic facilities try the Wreck Rock camping area.

The park's diverse vegetation of coastal scrubs, eucalypt woodlands, wet heaths and sedgelands surround Deepwater Creek and its tributaries. Tannins and other substances leached from surrounding heath plants stain the creek water brown. The creek is fringed by tall forests of swamp mahogany, paperbark and cabbage palms, and is broken in places by shallow sections of reed bed and paperbark forest. In these areas water only flows during the wet season.

Deepwater supports diverse birdlife such as emus, red-tailed black-cockatoos, honeyeaters, brahminy kites and waterbirds. Nesting turtles frequent Deepwater Beach from October to April, turtle hatchlings emerge from the nests from January, usually at night.
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