Star Gazers Campground - Millstream Chichester NP

National Park - Western Australia


5000 star-rated camp in bush setting near Deep Reach.Public small campground with toilets and gas bbqs. Surrounded by spinifex and eucalyptus woodland.  Camping fees apply. Pay station installed at camp ground.

Millstream Chichester National Park is an oasis in the desert, nestled within the chocolate brown rocks of the Chichester Range, dotted with spinifex and snappy gums. Permanent pools are fed by springs that draw water from the underground aquifer within porous dolomite rock. The Millstream area has been a sacred land since well before the arrival of Europeans to the area, and the Yinjibarndi people still gather here as the traditional custodians of their country, which stretches from the Hamersley Range foothills and Fortescue Valley in the south to the Chichester Range escarpment in the north. The Jirndawurrunha Park Council – composed of twelve members from the Yindibarndi and Ngaluma – meet regularly with DPaW to discuss and set management objectives for the park. Deep Reach – a deep pool on the Fortescue River – is one of the most sacred places in Yindjibarndi country, and is home to the Warlu serpent, revered and respected by Yinjibarndi and neighbouring Aboriginal clans.Explorer Francis Gregory named Millstream after ‘a fine tributary running strong enough to supply a large mill’. Pastoralists occupied this country from 1865 until 1967 when the area became a national park to protect the Millstream aquifer within the Fortescue River catchment. In 1986 Rangers were first stationed here with the conversion of the remaining cattle property and tavern within the Homestead (built in 1920) to National Park.Within the Homestead Visitor Centre and along interpretive walk trails you can find out more about the Yinjibarndi people’s resourcefulness and the pastoralists’ lifestyle, as well as the ecology and diversity of Millstream’s wetlands, woodlands and arid rocky plains and ranges.

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