Oak Park and Gnamma Holes

Free Camping - Western Australia


Goomalling’s Oak Park Reserve comprises 149 hectares of remnant native vegetation. Oak Park is named for the Swamp She-oaks (Casuarina obesa) in the area.

The Oak Park walk trail winds through the reserve for 3km in two loops which both start at the picnic area. The signs along the trail will tell you about the wetlands, granite outcrops and bush that you pass.

The signs also provide information about the lives of the traditional owners of the land, the Balardong people, as well as the settlers who arrived from 1899. One of the seats along the walk trail has a bough shelter over it which was carefully crafted by an Aboriginal Elder in 2008.

The Oak Park picnic area has a BBQ, covered seating and a long drop toilet.

Lovely quiet place for the night. Lots of room and a good clean long drop toilet.
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