Pettmans Beach - Lake Tyers State Park

Free Camping - Victoria


Lake Tyers State Park extends from Lake Tyers Beach to Mount Nowa Nowa.  Tall eucalypt forests surround the northern shores of Lake Tyers, and a thin sand spit divides the lake from the ocean.

As well as fishing in the lake and on the Ninety Mile Beach, Lake Tyers State Park offers a number of areas for picnics, beautiful bushwalks, forest drives and basic bush camping.

The park offers opportunities for low impact bush camping in a natural environment on the eastern shores of Nowa Nowa Arm.  Please note: these are unsealed roads

No bookings or fees.

Three nights at Pettmans Beach in August was lovely. The area could take up to 12 units depending on how many to each site. Only salmon caught. Not many mozzies at all at that time, although I’ve been advised by a local, that after the rains recently, the whole coastline had been infested. Two drop toilets were in good condition.
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