Angusvale Camping Area - Mitchell River National Park

National Park - Victoria


Mitchell River National Park has impressive river scenery, serene rainforest gullies, rugged landscapes and some of Victoria’s more unusual vegetation communities. From open forest to remote river gorges, the park is home to a vast array of indigenous flora and fauna, some at the furthermost extent of their range.

The park is an exciting destination for outdoor enthusiasts and boasts unspoilt natural beauty and remoteness. Canoeing or rafting provides the easiest access to much of the park. The river offers the canoeist short day trips or extended touring through tranquil pools and turbulent rapids down to the Gippsland Lakes. The best time canoeing is from July to December.

Campsites with easy car and river access are located at Angusvale. To help protect the fragile Heritage River environment camping is not permitted within 50 metres of the water.

Beautiful large campsite. with 4 drop toilets. River sites are generally sloping but flatter site are available further from the river bank. Lots of wildlife. 16km of dirt road in and quite steep in places.
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