Fowlers Camp

Private Campground - Western Australia


Fowlers Camp is approx 22km from Denham.  It offers some protection from the wind for those in tents.  It offers good beach fishing as well as a small mangrove island.

Permission must be obtained from the shire office either by telephone or in person during office hours (8am-4pm Mon-Fri).  People found camping without authorisation will incur a $1000 fine.  There are no facilities here and fires are not permitted.  Fresh water is not available at the campsite but can be obtained from the Water Corporation tanks located on the Monkey Mia Road turnoff which are coin operated.  Strictly max. 24 hour stay.

Pleasant camping right beside the beach, but only allowed one night. The cost with no facilities is a bit pricey!
Camping Fee $15.00
Per site, per night (2 adults)