Belbrooke Farms

Farm Stay - Queensland


We breed and rear beef cattle, mostly Bazadaise and Bazadaise cross cattle, including a Bazadaise beef cattle stud, based on carefully selected French blood lines and a commercial beef herd, where the meat is sold directly to the consumer.

We also operate a Bazadaise cattle stud assisting cattle farmers to improve the genetics of their herds.

We believe the secret to good farming practices is not really a secret, it’s about being professional, diligent, disciplined and focused. To good farmers environmental sustainability is not a new fad but has been part of good farming practice for many years.

Belbrooke Farms has 6 camping locations, all with views of Wivenhoe Lake. All locations are some distance apart to give you space and privacy. For genuine camping and experiencing farm life, Belbrooke Farms is the place for you.


Life’s too short. Relax. Have a real break away from it all? Go camping where there is nobody around. For years we have been asked whether people can camp on Belbrooke Farm. So ... we thought we would limit it to only four locations to give campers space and privacy.

Belbrooke Farms is the place for you.

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