Palmer Collier Oval

Free Camping - South Australia


Palmer offers free camping at their Cricket Oval.  Please don't park on the oval itself.  You can park around the oval, or surrounded by olive trees or on the prepared gravel area beside the buildings.  Clean flush toilets and sinks available and a BBQ.  Please leave a donation (the box is located at the cricket rooms).

Great little camp clean and quiet, park around the Oval or in the Olive grove please leave a donation

What a fabulous place to snuggle down between olive trees. There is even olives on the trees. Toilets provided. Beautiful oval in front of our gravel site. Feeling blessed to be able to enjoy the sunset here.

gravel areas for vans is not even, most slope back. Nil to do good stopover

Lovely spot, they are using the donations to complete a play area for children. N.B. it is very rare to find level ground, especially in a free camp. Make the best of it and use your blocks if you need to
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